Biltmore History

Biltmore staff and an old carOur Story

The Biltmore brand has come a long way since it was established in 1917. The company first started in Guelph, Canada and became known for its luxurious hats. By 1950, the brand had achieved a dominant role in the Canadian hat Industry. After 95 years in Canada, the Biltmore brand moved to USA after Dorfman Pacific purchased the company in 2011. A year later, Milano Hat Company, a subsidiary of Dorfman Pacific, began to manufacture Biltmore hats, keeping the same styles and quality that were made in Canada. As Milano Hat Company celebrates Biltmore's 100 year anniversary, the company is committed to providing the finest quality of hats in the market.

Additional Facts:

-Biltmore was established as Fried Hat Co. in 1917
-Biltmore Hats was named after the luxurious New York City hotel
-In the late 50's, the company produced 2,400 hats a day